Alethia Mediation and Consulting Services offers “a way forward” to resolve a dispute or conflict quickly and
  inexpensively without going to court. Our approach is flexible and can be modified, bringing together a
  combination of process with experienced people to achieve efficient dispute resolution opportunities.

  We use neutral venues and minimise travel times for all parties.

  Mediation is the most common method of resolving disputes. This can reduce existing pressure, stress,
  energy and monies being expended in “fighting the other side”.

  “The government firmly believes that mediation and alternative dispute resolution should be the norm, rather
  that the exception” [Daryl Williams, Attorney – General for Australia, Press release 6th April 1998.]

  “It is generally better to deal by speech than by letter and by the mediation of a third than by a man’s self”
  [Sir Francis Bacon – Of Negotiation. 1561 – 1626.]

  “The full-scale trial can no longer be regarded as the paradigm method of dispute resolution, even for
  complex disputes involving subjects of high value… Alternative means of dispute resolution, conducted
  pursuant to the private agreement of parties, can be expeditious, flexible and tailored to particular needs”
  [Sir Gerard Brennan, former Chief Justice, High Court Australia.]

  “Discourage litigation. Persuade your neighbours to compromise whenever you can” [Abraham Lincoln.]

Disclaimer: Absolutely nothing on this site constitutes legal advice. Alethia mediation & consulting Services is not a law firm and we are not solicitors

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